frequently asked questions

We have listed below the most common questions that we have been asked since we launched our service and have answered these as best we can. Should you have any questions that have not been listed below please do not hesitate to ask and we will endeavour to respond promptly and to your satisfaction.

1. Do I need to print out my ticket?2. Is there an age restriction?3. What about my personal belongings?4. Who's responsible?5. Safety?6. Is anything prohibited inside the rooms?7. Accessibility? (Wheelchair access?)8. Hearing problems?9. Bookings10. Last minute booking?11. Arrived late?12. Cancellations13. Number of players14. A typical game15. The concept of the game16. Claustrophobic?17. The rules...18. Invoices:19. Data protection:

1. Do I need to print out my ticket?

No. We kindly ask that you arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking time to avoid delays or disappointment. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate late arrivals. Please ensure to plan your arrival to prevent any foreseeable delays.

2. Is there an age restriction?

For 12's or under supervision by an adult is required. The main reason for this limit is because of the complexity of the game. Please bear in mind that some mild scary stuff and physical exercise can be involved, too.

3. What about my personal belongings?

Each participant is kindly asked to leave all personal belongings in lockers provided. We want you to enjoy the game to the fullest without any distraction from the outside world.

4. Who's responsible?

Please note that each participant must take full responsibility for their behaviour in the room in regards to each participants welfare. Unruly behavior will not be tolerated and will be reported immediately to the Garda.

5. Safety?

Our venues are fully insured, however you will be asked to sign our Waiver Agreement.?Please note, without this document signed we will not able to provide the game and the Game Master will cancel your booking.

6. Is anything prohibited inside the rooms?

It is strictly prohibited to take any photographs or videos during the game. After leaving the room, releasing any clues and information on the rooms on any social networking site is strictly forbidden and may imply serious legal consequences.

7. Accessibility? (Wheelchair access?)

Although our escape room fun requires brain power and team thinking, there are some physical aspects throughout. Unfortunately, the game is not yet available for people with certain disabilities as the building is un-accessible for wheelchair users. (We are on the third floor and sadly there is no elevator in the building).

8. Hearing problems?

The escape rooms will play background music and sound effects however this will not affect the solving of the game. There is a display monitor through which the Gamemaster can communicate notes and clues on a screen inside the room, without the need for awkward walkie-talkies.

9. Bookings

We have 3 locations in Ireland each outfitted with 3 separately themed rooms capable of handling 18 people per hour. (1 team per room, 6 people per team)

You can book with us on our online booking system or call our office today.
Cork : +353892374489
Dublin : +353871021252

We also offer Gift Vouchers for family, friends and colleagues.

Please be aware that "WeEscape" is a live event therefore once a booking is confirmed; refunds and cancellations will not be accepted. If you wish to reschedule please be advised we can only accept this 24 hours prior to the game taking place.

10. Last minute booking?

Yes, it's possible. In case you wish to try and make a last-minute booking please give us a call!

11. Arrived late?

In case of late show, WeEscape may reduce the time depending on circumstance and at the management's discretion. WeEscape reserves the right to cancel the game if participants are over 20 minutes late. Participants are expected to plan their journey to our venues and arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time.

12. Cancellations

1. Cancellation by the customer
- No cancellation notice but customer request less room(s) on arrival: WeEscape will charge customer for all rooms booked.?
- Same day full cancellation: WeEscape will reschedule the game at another time but will not refund the game. ?
- Cancellation, partitional cancellation the day before or earlier: WeEscape will not charge customer to any additional cost?

2. Cancellation by WeEscape
- WeEscape reserves the right to cancel or reschedule games, at any time. In these cases customers can choose between a refund or to play another time. However if cancellation is necessary due to unexpected bad weather (heavy rain, snowfall, flooding, etc) or any other unexpected events WeEscape can only offer to reschedule the game.

13. Number of players

Between 2 - 6 players can play in one escape room. We have 3 themed escape rooms so up to a maximum of 18 people can play at any one time. One time-slot is 60 minutes (not including briefing session)

14. A typical game

– Arrive
– Brief introduction to the game and a chat about the rules
– You will then be locked into the room for 60 minutes
– Room de-briefing and experience discussion

15. The concept of the game

It's a 60 minute live escape challenge. To keep the mystery and challenge intact, we can only tell you very little about the content of our rooms. Everything may seem normal once you are inside, but upon closer inspection you may find strange and puzzling clues hidden throughout. You must search and explore, team-up and inspect every inch in order to obtain all necessary clues. Only then can you crack the puzzle and solve the mystery!

16. Claustrophobic?

No panic. We are there for you and can certainly help you instantly should any kind of emergency arise.

17. The rules...

... are simple. Your team (2 - 6 players) go into the escape room and the door closes behind you. You'll have 60 minutes to solve all puzzles and mysteries to complete your mission. We do not leave clues and notes for you inside the room. You will have to use your combined mental strength to figure it out yourselves. Communicate. Coordinate. Cooperate.

18. Invoices:

You (your company) can play and transfer the cost later by bank transfer. However please note, any invoice must be paid within 14 days from the date of the game played.

19. Data protection:

Some of your personal information such an email address, name, phone number will be necessary to make a booking with us. WeEscape will not publish this information to the public without your permission. However, WeEscape will keep the right to use this information to inform you about news, new rooms and discounts. By making a booking with us, you agree to these terms.

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For tailor made solutions / out of hour games please contact us now!
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