We are a live escape room company here to bring you fun and interactive games located in Cork, Limerick and Dublin. Get ready to be locked into a room with your teammates. Find clues, solve puzzles and escape within a 60 minute time limit.


Your team will go into the escape room and the door will close behind you. Yes, you heard it right: We will lock you up. Our games are designed to be challenging and will require all members of the team to work together and demonstrate their group spirit.


Time is ticking. Does your team have what it takes to escape the room under high pressure? If you want to escape your team will have to analyse and apply their skills in: communication, organisation, critical thinking and many more! However, if the timer runs out, we'll be there to rescue you.


There is NO WAY you will get out on your own. In our specially designed environment you will be locked into a room with your team. The circumstances of being trapped in a real life puzzle produce very effective and beneficial team-building experiences, crafted specifically for you and your friends/family/colleagues to HAVE FUN.


You will need to find all clues and solve all puzzles. You will have to pass certain tests of skill. You will have to make creative use of strange objects. All of which you've probably never seen before in your life. Not everything is relevant so be wary of any red herrings! If you move something, put it back in the same place, same position. Analyse, evaluate and solve to unlock the room and escape!

for only 60 euro/team


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Da Vinci Room


Only a few knew that the murdered Jacques Sauniere curator of the Lourve, Paris had a carefully hidden secret room. He hid a massage in a Cryptex that only the initiated can obtain. Now it`s time for your team to unfold the big secret. Monsieur Sauniere, however, won't give away his secrets so easily.

You will be faced with code-breaking, symbolism, association problems and much more. In addition, the Opus Dei, a secret society of the Vatican, are on their way. You have 60 minutes to find the Cryptex and escape from the room! Will you be able to complete your mission before Opus Dei arrive?

Are you ready to discover the secret? The Da Vinci Room will offer an interesting challenge for new and returning players alike.

Good luck!

Mission Impossible


The atrocious Dr. Red has a wicked mind. His aim is to destroy the whole world at any cost. As the first part of his vicious plan, he will attempt to blow up one of Europe's most famous symbols of liberty, the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

You are IMF agents (Impossible Mission Force) faced with the task to stopping this madman. Your mission is to get to the control room, take control of the situation and deactivate the bomb. Remember, humanity depends on you! You are our only hope... There is only one hour to complete the mission.

Good luck!

The lost Commandments


You and your team of archaeologists have stumbled upon a mysterious journal while investigating an old bookshop in Paris. Inside this journal, you have found a map leading directly through the Metro to a hidden German bunker, left abandoned until now.

It is up to you to uncover the truth. Can you find what the German Army had kept hidden for decades? Once inside, you and your team must navigate through the underground bunker by working together to find every clue and solving all puzzles to uncover humanity's biggest mystery.



April 14th, 1912. 11.40 p.m. The RMS Titanic, the world's biggest ocean liner has left the port of Queenstown three days ago to cross the Atlantic Ocean in record time. You and your team are members of Ireland's most notorious gang, who have smuggled themselves aboard after hearing about a secret room from a loose-lipped sailor.

He revealed that this safe room contains the world's most precious diamond, and enough gold for each member to start again in the New World. The heart of the sea in one room. While everyone is drunk and merry, you sneak past the guards and make your way to the secret chamber but suddenly, you hear a terrible noise. The room starts to shake as you hear screams of "ICEBERG!". The Titanic is sinking! Will you escape with the treasure or will you follow the ship to the bottom of the ocean?

The Cell

Cork, Dublin

You and your gang have finally been busted for a bank robbery 18 weeks ago. One of you left fingerprints on the scene and now the cops have you all dead to rights.

You've got one ace in the hole: Bob, your guy on the inside arranged for you to be transferred to his old cell by a dirty cop.

Before he got transferred, Bob was working on an escape plan and he managed to leave enough tools hidden in his cell to help you breakout. You have one chance to escape before the prison guards split you into solitary cells. The guards have been paid off for ONE HOUR.

Follow the trail Bob left for you and escape before it's too late!

for only 60 euro/team

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Mission Impossible

10.February 2016.

Dr. Red is an atrocious wicked mind. His aim is to destroy the whole world at any cost. As the first part of his vicious plan, his attempt is to blow up one of Europe's most famous symbols of libe...

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